A criminal is someone who acts against the law. A criminal may be a murderer, terrorist, thief, or even when a person evades the tax, he is also called as criminal. A criminal is not a born one. A criminal is formed due to many other reasons like Unemployment problems, family problems, psychological problems, problems due to poor physical and mental health etc.

Once a person commits a crime, he used to start doing the same crime again and again. The main reason is that, once when a person is labelled as a criminal, it is very difficult for him to come out from that name. He would be rejected by his relatives, neighbours, friends and his well-wishers. Everyone who closely interacted with him would distance themselves in order to avoid talks with him.

The person could not share his worries and sufferings with others. And due to that, he would continue doing the criminal activity throughout in his life time. A criminal must get proper counselling from Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and they must be taken to spiritual places, in order to divert their attention on divine matters.

Some people would become criminals accidentally, and this may occur when a person kills someone when he tries to safeguard himself from their attacks. Some criminals would develop good conduct during their imprisonment, and would get good name from the jail authorities and the police officials,and after coming out from the prison, they would start running their own honest business like selling eatables in push cart, running small hotels etc.

People must consider that criminals are also human beings, and must treat them with respect. They must be given suitable advises and make them to listen to the religious discourses held in the temples, make them to participate in the early morning and evening Bhajans at the Temples and telling them the divine stories from Bhagavatham, Bhagavat Gita, Bible and Quran based on their religion.

Criminals can be turned into good ones, only through the help of the police officials and the general public. Their attitude can be changed through soft and gentle approach only. They must be inculcated into regular prayers on god, and that itself would change their criminal path into spiritual path.

Without worshipping the god nothing is possible in this present day very difficult life. Hence let us consider even the criminals as our brothers and sisters, and help them to lead their life satisfactorily.


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