Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

We have to observe cleanliness in every aspect of our life. By becoming a clean and neat person, we would not easily get affected with diseases. Whenever we decide to go for temples, we should first take bath, and then only, we should proceed to go to the temples. Even before performing puja in our homes, we should first take proper bath, and then only we have to start doing puja, in order to get good results in our life. Most of the diseases are spreading in our body due to unhygienic conditions.

By taking proper bath, our body would be clean and we would not get affected with skin diseases and leprosy. People who visit holy temples like Kasi, Rameswaram, Tirumala and Sabarimala would have to compulsorily take daily bath before worshipping the holy deities in the temples.

Apart from our body, our homes also must be kept clean. Out acts have been watched by the divine devas, and it is believed that all of our acts are noted down by the divine accountant Lord Chitragupta. Whoever doesn’t maintain their body and homes in a hygienic manner would be born as poor and lazy persons in their subsequent births, and they have to suffer from many hardships in their life.

It is also believed that Ma Lakshmi doesn’t stay in our homes, if we keep our homes filled with full of dust and dirt. Some people used to clean their houses only once in a year, by telling the reason that don’t find time to do that. Still some youngsters are very adamant and they hesitate in doing those jobs, since they feel that cleaning work must only be done by their servants.

If we take the example of the great saints like Swami Vivekananda, mostly he himself used to clean his rooms and bathrooms, even though he had lot of disciples and helpers. In Raghavendra Swamy Mutts, the priests who look very clean, would not touch us, and if they accidentaly touches our hands or body, then again they would take bath, and then only they would proceed doing puja to the holy shrine of Guru Raghavendra.


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