Lets Clap for Supreme God to express our Gratitude

Masa Shivaratri 2020 dates

Masa Shivaratri 2020 dates

Let’s loudly clap our hands before the picture/idol of Lord Krishna in order to express our gratitude to him. We are clapping our hands even when we hear some worst jokes delivered by our friends and in the meetings, but we are not interested to clap our hands, in order to thank our Krishna, for showing such a great mercy to us. Some rich people after attending parties would attend the dance consorts in the hotels also, and in that, the dancers might also express their dance movements sexily. On seeing that, those people would give a good applause to the performers by loudly clapping their hands, and they would also throw currency notes before those dancers.

This kind of things happens, since some people are addicted in enjoying too much of worldly pleasures and body pleasures in their life, and some of them used to tell, “Hey, I want to enjoy all sorts of pleasures before my death, or otherwise my soul would not get satisfied”, like that. We can enjoy anything in the world, only till our death. After our death, we have to necessarily suffer for our bad deeds. Our soul would never get peace of mind after our death, if we simply engage ourselves in too much of worldly pleasures! By worshipping the god, and by paying our respects, would alone give us the full satisfaction to our soul after our death.

It is also scientifically proved, that by clapping our hands, all of our body organs would get activated faster, and we would get full sense of satisfaction. Clapping also busily activates our brain cells, and it also forces us to do some kind of productive work. But most of the people are clapping even for unnecessary purposes also, and mainly, while watching even some blade Comedy Programs in Television, they used to clap loudly, as if they fully enjoy the comedy.

The great Krishna Bhagavan is willfully waiting in front of us in an invisible form, and keenly watches whether we give him a big salute, in the form of clapping our hands. We should always remember that those who clap loudly, before the pictures of the deities, would lead their life similar to a king.


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