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Chudamani Grahan | What is Chudamani Grahanam | Why it is Important

Chudamani Grahanam means the Chandra Grahan which falls on Monday (Somavara) or the Surya Grahan which takes places on Sunday (Ravivara). The Chandra Grahanam of 7 August 2017 takes places on Monday, hence it is referred to as Chudamani Grahana.

According to the Scriptures, those who perform special rituals like Grahana Snana, Mantra Japa, Pitru tharpana rituals, etc. during this Chudamani Eclipse will be blessed with infinite merits and punya.

The Sloka below proves the point..

Ravigrahe Suryavaare, Somesomagrahe tathaa

Chudamani Rithikhyatah Tatraanantha Phalamlabheth ||

रविग्रहे सूर्यवार, सोमेसोमग्रहे तथा

चूड़ामणि रितिख्यातः तत्रानंथा फलामलभेत ||

Those who does not perform Grahana Kaala Snana and Sankramana Snana will not get any Punya and over this they will experience ill-health.

Grahane Sankramane Vaapi, Nasnayaadyadi Maanavah

Saptajanmani Kushtisyaath, Dukhabhagecha Jaayathe ||

ग्रहणे संक्रमणे वापी, नसण्याद्यदि मानवः

सप्तजन्मनि कुशतिसयाथ, दुखभागेचा जायते ||

According to our Scriptures, performing Snana (taking bath) in the night is not preferable.

“Rathro Snanam Nakurveetha”

“रात्रो स्नानं नाकुरवीथा”

But performing the same during Grahana, etc. is beneficial.

Naimittikanthu Kurveetha Snanam Daanamcha, Ratrishu

नैमित्तिकांतु कुर्वीता स्नानं दानामचा, रात्रिषु

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