No Annaprasadam at TTD Temple on Chandra Grahan day, 31 January 2018

In connection with Chandra Grahanam, on 31 January 2018, annaprasadam will not be served in the massive Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasadam Complex (MTVAC) from 11 AM onwards. The free food service will commence on 31 January.

Following total lunar eclipse on January 31, Tirumala temple will remain closed from 11am till 9:30pm and therefore the pilgrims are requested to plan their pilgrimage accordingly, urged Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju.

Speaking to media persons at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Saturday evening, the JEO said, on that day, the darshan will last only from 8am to 10am and again from 9:30pm to 12:30midnight, hardly for five hours.

The pilgrims will not be allowed to enter into the vaikuntham queue complex compartments as there is serving of annaprasadams after 11am. Even the hotels in Tirumala too remain shut following Chandra Grahanam. “I therefore urge pilgrims to plan their pilgrimage accordingly”, he reiterated.

Meanwhile TTD has cancelled all privilege darshans on that day and limited VIP break darshan only to protocol VIPs. No recommendation letters for VIP break darshan will be entertained by JEO office on January 30, JEO asserted.

TTD has also cancelled issuance of Divya Darshan tokens for that day and also Rs.300 tickets.

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