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rukmini krishna story

rukmini krishna story

A chariot is a type of ancient vehicle, driven by an experienced charioteer, with the help of well trained horses in order to travel from one place to another. Chariots were used by the armies during the times of battles, and ancient kings used to travel using a sophisticated golden chariot.

During the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna served as a charioteer to Arjuna during the battle. In the divine worlds, like Indra Loka, chariot would be used and it contains magical properties. In the Indra Loka, Mathali is the charioteer for Lord Indra, and with his help, Lord Indra had won in the battles. Mathali was an expert in riding the chariot, and he used to drive his chariot at a very high speed, due to his expertise in driving the chariot.

Karna’s foster father was Athiradha, and he worked as a charioteer to the great Bheeshma, son of Ma Ganga. The ancient Vedic deity Surya’s charioteer is Aruna, and his chariot is driven by seven horses. Similarly, demigods like Kubera, Agni, Vayu and Varuna are using chariots to travel from one divine world to another.

In ancient weddings, rich people would offer costly chariot to their son-in-law, at the time of the marriage, similar to the presentation of car to the bridegroom in the present day life.

Lord Kubera has got a magical chariot from Lord Shiva, and for some time, it was forcibly taken over by Ravana, and after his death, Lord Rama had sent back the chariot to Lord Kubera. It is believed that he still owns that beautiful chariot in his Alakapuri kingdom. Famous mighty demons like Prahalada, Bali and Namasu contained superb chariots, and they used it during the times of war.

Chariots are very useful devices and they do not generate smoke and it would never spoil the atmosphere. But nowadays, our modern cars and two-wheelers are causing lot of smoke and polluting the entire environment. According to the ancient proverb, OLD IS GOLD, chariots are considered as best vehicles, with regard to its various good features, and they are considered as very effective, than that of our modern petrol and diesel vehicles.


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