Significance of Deep Pooja on Full Moon, Pournami Deepa Puja

What is the significance of Deep Pooja on Full Moon day (Pournami Deepa Puja)? The importance of deepa pooja in the words of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living… The ancient tradition is either full moon or new moon is a celebration, and in a celebration we light a lot of lamps. This […]

The purpose of Human birth (Manava Janma Uddeshya)

This precious human life is in variably wasted by many because they go about without any aim. On the other hand, it is necessary for everyone to take a form decision to think good, act in a positive manner and do only noble deeds. While political activities many result in creating divisive tendencies, and scientific […]

How to get Moksha & Jeevan Mukti?

How to get Moksha & Jeevan Mukti? It is said that energy cannot be created or destroyed, then how can one get moksha? What does jeevan mukti mean? Moksha is a drop merging in the ocean. It cannot make the ocean disappear, nor the drop stop its existence totally. The drop merges in the ocean […]

Why didn’t Krishna save Abhimanyu from Chakravyuha in Mahabharata War?

Why didn’t Krishna save Abhimanyu in Mahabharata War? Why didn’t Krishna save Abhimanyu from Chakravyuha in Mahabharata War? But, Lord Krishna saved Draupadi.. Lord Krishna came to rescue Draupadi when she called Him for help. Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s son) was a warrior. He had decided to sacrifice himself in the war for the noble cause. But […]

Can bathing in sacred rivers wash away your sins?

Can bathing in sacred rivers wash away your sins? In some books, it is written that all sins get washed away when one bathes in a sacred river like the Ganges. Can the worst of sins be washed away by simply bathing in a sacred river? No, the real meaning here is that it is […]

Will continuous chanting of Mantra effects our body & Life?

Will continuous chanting of Mantra effects our body & Life? When we chant a mantra continuously, will that mantra effect our body and life? Definitely! But we should not keep chanting continuously, this is not correct. Do you keep bathing continuously? When you chant the mantra for some time, your mind will become stronger. That is […]

How can we define real happiness (How to let go of stress)?

To let go of stress, do some meditation, some breathing exercises and pranayama; this is the first thing. Second, look back and see, haven’t you had some challenges in the past? You have had, isn’t it? If you are anxious today (because of something), the same situation you have faced before also, haven’t you? This […]

Relation between Knowledge & Devotion: Can Devotion be fruitful without Knowledge?

What is the relation between knowledge and devotion? Can devotion be fruitful without knowledge? To this perplexing question, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving a description in his own words… Now suppose you are fond of Rasgullas (a sweet) only then you will have a desire to eat it, right? How can you desire […]

The permanent possession, Do we possess anything in this World

Everything that we possess is in mind but in actuality we don’t possess. Suppose I possess all this; as soon as I die, all possession will remain here. I’ll not take anything. So I don’t possess. But in mind I am thinking, “Oh, this is mine. That is mine.” If I leave this body, either […]

Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples?

Shaving head in Hinduism

Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples? Devotees who visit the Tirupati temple donate their hair as offering at the shrine. Also, in India there is a tradition of shaving off one’s head when a dear one passes away. Why is this so, and what does shaving off one’s head have to do with […]

Why does Shanmukha (Karthikeya) have six heads?

Shanumkha (Kartikeya)

Why does Shanmukha (Karthikeya) have six heads? The story behind Kartikeya’s six heads… So that he can recite all the Shad Darshanas (six Hindu philosophies) at once. Six faces – this has a significance. We say, ‘The four directions’, North, South, East and West. Brahma has four faces, which means that, he gets knowledge from […]

Thoughts of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Depression

This is the elaborated reply from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar when a devotee asked him to pull him out of depression that he is facing. There is no way you are in satsang and you are depressed. See sometimes this is what happens when you go to psychologists. They give you an idea that you […]

Guidance comes from the Supersoul, Who is responsible for our Status

Krishna is always within us, and consequently He knows everything about our purposes, and He gives us the opportunity to work as we decide. If we decide to enjoy this material world, Krishna gives us the intelligence to become a very shrewd businessman or a popular politician or a cunning man so that we can […]

Purify your existence to get perpetual, eternal happiness Says Bhagavata

Whatever one may desire, the ultimate end is happiness. Nobody can deny this. But if a diseased fellow thinks, “I am happy,” that is false happiness. A diseased man cannot be happy unless the disease is cured. Sometimes we go to a diseased person and ask, “How are you?” “Yes, I am all right.” If […]

Make someone else feel good to get Positive Energy

If you want to feel good about yourself, make someone else feel good! It really is that simple. Perhaps it is because this idea is so simple that we sometimes forget to do it. It seems that anytime I go out of my way to make someone else feel good, it ends up brightening my […]

Do Relationships make us Stronger or Weaken us

Do Relationships make us Stronger or Weaken us? For this question from a disciple, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living, has answered saying that it depends on the mind. “It depends on the mind.” “The relationship can take form either as strength or as a weakness depending on the mind. If […]

Everyone is a thief, What is the difference between an emperor and a thief

Alexander the Great arrested one thief, and was going to punish him. The thief pleaded, “Sir, you are punishing me, but what is the difference between you and me? I am a small thief, you are a great thief. You are occupying other’s kingdom by force; you have no right. Because you are strong, you […]