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Falgun Purnima 2019 | Phalgun Poornima, Holika Purnima

Falgun Purnima or Phalgun Poornima or Phalguna Pournami or Holika Purnima is the Full Moon day in Falgun month. In 2019, Falgun Poornima date is March 21.

This auspicious day is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi. During Falguna month, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped but Krishna Puja and Lakshmi Puja are the main rituals in the month. Holi festival or Vasantotsav are also celebrated on Falgun month.

Every Pournami or Purnima is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Falgun Poornima is mreo auspicious to perform Lakshmi Puja as it is the day of Lakshmi Jayanti or Appearance day of Goddess Lakshmi.

Lord Krishna is also worshipped on Phalgun Purnima day. Vasantotsav or Krishna Raasleela in Vasant rithu begins on Phalgun Poornima day and continues till Ranga Panchami. Mathura Vrindavan Krishna Temple, Guruvayur Krishna Mandir, and ISKCON temples are the best places to visit on Holika Purnima.

In 2018, Falgun Poornima date was March 1.

In 2017, Falgun Poornima date was March 12.

In 2016, Falgun Poornima date was March 23.

In 2015, Falgun Poornima date was March 5, Thursday.

In 2014, Falgun Poornima date was March 16, Sunday.

In 2013, Falgun Poornima date was March 27, Wednesday.

In 2012, Falgun Poornima date was March 8, 2012.

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    prayers and rituals performed on purnima on 23 march 2016

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    download bhoomi bangla band song ei falgun purnima rate