Eco-friendly Holi colours: How to prepare natural Holi colours

natural colors of holi festival

natural colors of holi festival

Eco-friendly or natural colours are very harmless and ineffective to our skin and hair. Chemical and other artificial colors can harm our skin and cause skin diseases.

Apart from no-action on our health, natural colours also inflict minimal or cause no harm on the environment. Buy and share natural colours to contribute to our safe environment.

Making of natural colours – How to make eco-friendly Holi colors:

We can make eco-friendly holi colours at our home using common kitchen items. No need to buy any other stuff from shop.

Brown colour:

Brown colour can be extracted from Tea or Coffee. Just boil water with Tea or Coffee powder and cool it and use it as Holi colour. Its very healthy for our skin and hair.

Yellow colour:

Making natural yellow colour is very easy as it can be made by mixing turmeric with water. And it is very auspicious color.

Saffron color:

Natural saffron colour can be extracted from onion peels. Just put onion peels in water and boil until you feel the colour. Once the color appears remove the peels and cool the water and use it as natural saffron color.

This article is contributed by Mr. Praveen Myakala. Thanks to him and Hindupad wants his support and contribution forever.

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  1. Gargya Gokhale says:

    Red Natural Colour can be made using Red sandalwood (raktchandan)
    Black : By heating amla fruit in iron vessel and keeping it overnight
    Blue : Crushing berries of indigo and mixing in water
    Green : Crushing tender wheat leaves and also by using gulmohhar leaves

  2. Kuntala says:

    how to make natural colours for holi in marathi

  3. Natesh says:

    how to make natural color of holi in hindi