Holika Dahan 2017 date, Time of Holika Dahan during Holi Festival

Holika Dahan is a lighting of bonfire takes place during Holi. Usually, it is observed a day prior to Holi festival. In 2017, Holika Dahan date is March 12.

The best time to perform Holika Dahan and to celebrate Holikotsav is in the night on 12 March 2017. The exact time for Holika Dahan would be in the night — 6.25 PM onwards.

The similar ritual in South India is known as Kamadahanam. Holika dahan or Holikotsav or Choti Holi signifies the victory of good over evil. It is mentioned in many Puranas and other Sacred Texts.

In Narada Purana, Holika Dahan is mentioned as the victory of Prahlada over his aunt demon Holika. As per Bhavishya Purana, a demon called Dhundhi was killed by a group of children whom he suffered a lot. Hence, the festival of Holi is very much associated with children.

Holika Dahan 2017 date in Other countries..

Holika Dahan 2017 in USA (PST) – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Hawaii – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in USA (MST) – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in USA (EST) – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Trinidad & Tobago – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in UK – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in UAE & Middle East –  March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Malaysia – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Singapore – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Australia – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in New Zealand – March 12

Holika Dahan 2017 in Fiji Islands – March 12

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