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Ranga Panchami 2019 | Rangapanchami, Shimga in 2019

Holi is also celebrated as Ranga Panchami or Rang Panchami or Shimga in Maharashtra, Konkan regions, some Northern Karnataka districts, and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. In 2019, Ranga Panchami date is March 6. Holi date is March 25.

Ranga Panchami falls on the fifth day after Holi Purnima or on Falgun Krishna Panchami.

Rang Panchami marks the grand celebrations in every corner of Maharashtra and in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Amravati, Nashik, and Kolhapur the festivities reach up to the peak during Holi or Shimga. Before performing Kamadahan ritual, the idols of ‘Manmadh and ‘Rathi are taken out in processions.

Effigies of Holika are burnt and the ashes are distributed among the people. Unlike other parts of India in Maharashtra the colour spraying and celebrating colorful festival is celebrated on Ranga Panchami but not on Holi.

In Vrindavan Sri Krishna Temple, Vasantotsav begins on Holi and ends on Ranga Panchami with Sri Krishna Puja. Mahalakshmi Jayanti is celebrated on Falgun Purnima day or on Holi in Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple, one of the famous Astadasa Shakti Peethas.

In 2018, Ranga Panchami date is March 6. Holi date is March 1.

In 2017, Ranga Panchami date is March 17. Holi date is March 12 & 13.

In 2016, Ranga Panchami date is March 28. Holi date is March 23 & 24.

In 2015, Ranga Panchami date was March 11. Holi date was March 5 & 6.

In 2014, Ranga Panchami date was March 21. Holi 2014 date was March 16.

In 2013, Ranga Panchami date was March 31. Holi 2013 date was March 27.

In 2012, Ranga Panchami date was March 12. Holi 2012 date was March 8.

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