Holi Festival and Prahlada

Holi festival is also known as festival of colours and it is celebrated all over the world mostly by the North Indians with full of eagerness and joyfulness in their mind. In North India, from small children to old age people would celebrate this festival by spraying various colour powders on one another. People belonging to Marwadi community, Sindhis and also other Hindi speaking community would celebrate this festival in order to share their happiness with each other.

Actually Holi festival is celebrated since the great Prahlada had miraculously escaped from the fire, when his aunt Holika tried to burn him in the fire. Due to his great Vishnu Bhakti, Prahalada made his aunt Holika to burn in the fire, and safely returned from the fire flames without any fire burns in his body. He has this noble act not only for him, but for the wellness of the entire universe. His aunt Holika is a cruel demoness similar to her brothers Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha, and she had given lot of troubles to the demi gods in the heaven.But whenever we are celebrating the Holi festival, we are not remembering the selfless service rendered by the great Bhakta Prahlada, and even we are not thinking about him, and also we are not willing to thank him.

Prahlada is a great Bhagavata, who is praised in the holy texts, as the first, and the foremost Alwar. He is also known as Prahaladazhvar, and he was even praised by the Nayanmar Saints in their “NALAYIRA DIVYA PRABHANDHAM”, as the sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Prahalada had been incarnated as Guru Raghavendra and he is considered as a “PURE GEM”, among the Madhwa saints, who is still showering his grace on his devotees from the holy shrine Mantralayam. Hence let us worship the great Bhakta Prahalada on this Holi Festival day (18 March 2022), in order to get his grace, as well as to get the grace of his beloved god Vishnu.


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