Cancer Predictions 2023 | Karka Rashi 2023 Horoscope



Your family life will be very good this year if you can avoid minor issues with some members. Take good care of your health as this appears to be a major concern for the whole year. Visit your doctor regularly for existing diseases and eat a healthy diet. Your career will zoom into a new level and you will get promotions and increments. Singles are likely to get hitched this year after April.


Your financial situation will be moderate this year due to the negative effects of Shani in the initial few monhts of the year. Even though things are likely to improve to some extent after April, you should still be careful about spending too much money on unwanted activities. You are likely to gain profits from real estate deals. Associate with reputed people to get better income this year.


You may have some conflicts with a family member in the iniitial part of the year. However, you can handle it with your sweet talk and gentle nature. Things will improve after April and you will be able to enjoy the complete support of your family members. There are some concerns about the health of your parents. Make sure to take good care of their health to avoid complications.


Singles can expect to get married this year after April. Avoid taking hasty decisions as this can lead to complicated situations in future. You will get the complete support of your elders and relatives when it comes to marriage alliance. There are chances of travel associated with your marriage along with your family members.


You should be worried about your health situation this year as Shani is not favorable for your health. Your existing illness can get exaggerated if you are not careful. Make sure to take timely medication and get professional guidance whenever you face health issues. Eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid complications. When you feel sick, switch to a complete vegetarian diet and avoid outside food. This can give you some relief from health problems.


You will find the kind of growth that you have been waiting for many years in your career. There is no need to worry about competition as you will be able to outsmart them with your talent. You may get a better job offer from a bigger company. Your salary is likely to increase and you can even make good progress in own business.

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  1. T.Jamwal says:

    16 aug, 1974 time 1:50 am female, birth place akhnoor Jammu. When will I get a job. My marriage is also not good,in great dipression. Please tell is there any good time in my life.

  2. Raja Segaran George Brett says:

    I am a Malaysian and I was born on the 19th July 1958, and time is at 12.45am ( Malaysian Time ). 0n the 14th September 2021, I am having a Court Case and I am the Plaintiff. I would like to know whether I will be successful. Kindly advise.