Cancer Predictions 2021 | Karka Rashi 2021 Horoscope

Predictions for Cancer Horoscope 2021 say that the red planet Mars will be in your tenth house at the beginning of the year. After this, it will be in your own zodiac sign while passing through your eleventh and twelfth house. With this, Saturn, the justice god, will remain in your seventh house all year […]

Karka Rashi Planetary Periods 2018

Here is the full detailed Masik Dasha Table for Karka Rashi in 2018. This gives the glimpse of information about how Karka Rashi (Cancer) natives will undergo through various Planetary periods in this year.. Karka Rashi natives will get results based on this planetary periods. Planetary Periods for Karka Rashi in 2018 (Cancer) Rahu Dasha […]

Cancer Health Horoscope 2018 | Karka Rashi Health Predictions

People belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign will have planetary support which will inspire them to take care of all their matters well. So, you people this are going to take care of your health well. According to your horoscope, this year you may have heath issues due to the immune system. So for you, […]

Cancer Love Horoscope 2018 | Family Relationships – Karka Rashi

This year is going to be wonderful for the people who are single and want love in their life. This New Year is going to offer you opportunity of meeting someone special who will fulfill your life with lots of love. This special person will force you to open your heart before his/her. You will […]

Cancer Education Horoscope 2018 | Studies’ Predictions – Karka Rashi

This year is going to offer you good progress. Students preparing for basic studies or higher studies will make good progress. What you need to do is use your time properly. In this year, you will have support from planets so you are not going to go through any serious issues. Planet Jupiter which takes […]

Cancer Business Horoscope 2018 | Karka Rashi Business Predictions

According to your horoscope, year 2018 is going to be good for your business you are going to make good money. You will observe that your business will grow well. And this will be possible because this year you are going to have support from the planets. As there will be many things to do […]

Cancer Career Horoscope 2018 | Karka Rashi Job Predictions

According to your career horoscope, professionals are going to face a little bit tough time this year. You people are going go through the challenges in common things. Job holders also have to face problems; they will have to do hard-work for meet the deadline of their projects. If you have good co-workers, you can […]

Cancer Finance Horoscope 2018 | Money Predictions – Karka Rashi

This year is going to offer you tremendous opportunities to make your financial front strong. You will have planetary support so you will be able to catch each opportunity for making a lot of money this year. Things become simpler when we have plenary support, so is going with you. The Jupiter planet will be […]

Cancer June 2014 Horoscope, Karkataka Rashi Predictions June 2014

For Cancer sign natives, June 2014 is a month of marital life and career front. You need to be extra cautious this month. Cancer horoscope for Education (June 2014) It is not a great period for Cancer natives in terms of studies and exams. Those who are preparing competitive exams or waiting for results may get […]