Can we save Cows in India (from 33000 slaughter houses)?

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Can we save Cows in India, which has more than 33000 slaughter houses?

Yes, it is our sacred duty to save the cows. I too am greatly concerned about this. If we want to save and protect the heritage and culture of our country, then it is very necessary that we do everything possible to save the cows.

You should go to the villages and educate the people there to save the indigenous Indian cows. Even if they do not yield milk anymore, the cow urine can still be used in the farms and fields for cultivation of crops. In fact the farmers should be taught to concentrate the cow urine and use it as a fertilizer.

You know, one cow is enough to help fertilize one acre of land. We must ask our farmers to stop purchasing artificial chemical fertilizers. If you spend one-third of the money used for purchasing fertilizers for a cow, not only will you be able to raise and keep a cow, you will also be able to have a healthy field yielding good crops.

Note – This is excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living discourse.

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