Godanam | Donation of Cow | Gaumata Daanam

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Go dhanam means gifting of a cow. As per the principles of Hinduism, Go dhanam would be usually done to a Brahmin, temples, mutts and to the cow shelters. Go dhanam is mainly performed in order to get rid from the evil effects of the Pitrudosha. And by doing this holy act, we can attain goodness in our life.

Generally, Go dhanam is the holy act of gifting a milking cow along with the calf to temples and goshalas. Go-puja is performed to the holy cow by learned Vedic pundits or temple priests, before conducting of Go dhanam, and it is believed that all the 33 crores of Devathas are residing in the holy body of the cow.
Benefits of Go dhanam

1. Cow is considered as our pious mother, and hence by doing Go dhanam, we are helping the holy cow to survive in its life.

2. All the cows living in the earth are considered as the incarnations of the “KAMADHENU”, the divine cow who resides in the Swarga Loka, also called as Indra Loka or heaven.

3. By doing this noble act, we would attain all kinds of prosperity in our daily life, and also after our death, there is a possibility to attain salvation also.

4. Go dhanam clears our various doshams, and would boost spiritual energy in our mind.

5. By performing Go dhanam, all of our negative aspects would disappear from our mind, and we would get good thoughts in our mind.

6. Go dhanam removes our various diseases, and would give good health, wealth and happiness in our life.

7. Since the entire devas are dwelling in the body of the holy cow, by donating the cow to a proper person, we would be blessed by the divine devas in the heaven.

8. Lord Krishna was a cowherd in the previous Dwaparayuga. He liked the cows very much and the cows also loved him so much. Hence by doing Go dhanam, we would get the immense blessings of Lord Krishna.

9. According to Mahabharata, Go dhanam was done by the holy Pandavas when they were ruling the kingdom of Hastinapura.

Giving Go dhanam is equivalent to performing the ritual Yagnas, and it gives innumerable benefits to the mankind, and Ancient kings and queens have done the act of Go dhanam in a whole heartedly manner.

Hence let us perform Go dhanam to good people, and be blessed.


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