Significance of Go-daana (Donating Cow), reason behind doing it…

Significance of Go-daana (Donating Cow), reason behind doing it… Let us first understand the meaning of the word ‘Go’. What does it mean? There are four meanings to it: Go means jnana (knowledge), gaman (to travel to one’s final destination), prapti (the act of receiving something) and Moksha (liberation). So the word ‘Go’ is synonymous […]

Cowdung, Gomutra (Gomayam, Gomutram)

Cow dung, is the waste product of our holy mother Cow. Cow dung is used as a fertilizer for proper growth of plant and trees, and it considered as a holy product, since it is derived from the noble animal cow.Cow dung is rich in minerals, and it would be made to dry, and it […]

Godanam | Donation of Cow | Gaumata Daanam

Gaumata - Cow Slaughter in India

Go dhanam means gifting of a cow. As per the principles of Hinduism, Go dhanam would be usually done to a Brahmin, temples, mutts and to the cow shelters. Go dhanam is mainly performed in order to get rid from the evil effects of the Pitrudosha. And by doing this holy act, we can attain […]

Can we save Cows in India (from 33000 slaughter houses)?

Gaumata - Cow Slaughter in India

Can we save Cows in India, which has more than 33000 slaughter houses? Yes, it is our sacred duty to save the cows. I too am greatly concerned about this. If we want to save and protect the heritage and culture of our country, then it is very necessary that we do everything possible to […]

Gopooja Mahatmyam (Telugu)

Gaumata - Cow Slaughter in India

Gopooja Mahatmyam is explained here in Telugu.. According to the Puranas, Gaumata is the Pratyaksha Parama Devata (Mother Goddess). Gaumata Pooja is a major aspect of Gokulashtami, Govatsa Dwadashi, Karthika Masam poojas, etc.. పురాణాల ఆధారంగా చూసుకుంటే అమ్మలగన్నయమ్మ ముగ్గురమ్మల మూలపుటమ్మ శ్రీకనకదుర్గమ్మ త్రిశక్తి స్వూరూపిణి కావడంతో అమ్మవారి అలయం వెలుపల గోపూజ ప్రాముఖ్యత ఎంతో ఉందని పండితుల మాట. సకల దోషాలను హరించే […]