Brahmanda Purana

The Brahmanda Purana is a holy purana, and it is considered as one among the eighteen sacred puranas, and this purana is also believed to be the work of Sri Veda Vyasa. In Brahmanda Purana, the holy features of Lord Brahma were mentioned, about his various creations in the universe, and about his creations of various Lokas etc.

It also includes thevarious types of duties to be performed by the people in this earth, about important temples and the ways to attain salvation. This text includes the famous Lalitha Sahasranama Sloka, which was written in praise of Mata Parvati, and the importance in reciting this sloka is also mentioned.

Details about various deities like Vishnu, Skanda, Vinayaka and Shiva are also mentioned. According to this text, Mata Shakti Devi is considered as the creator of the universe, and only through her powers, the other deities like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are discharging their duties. Demigods like Indra, Chandra and Kubera are getting more and more powers only through the grace of Mata Shakti Devi.

It also mentions about the Saptharishis, their powers and their living place. Dhruva is still shining in the sky as Dhruva Star, and for him there is no end. Ashwatamma would become Veda Vyasa, Lord Hanuman would become Brahma, Mahabali would become Indra, Mahabali’s son Namasu would become the Chief of the Gandharvas and Prahlada would become the Manu, during the next Satya Yuga.

According to this Brahmanda Purana, Lord Brahma had created 14 Lokas in the universe with the help of Mata Shakti Devi.

The following Lokas are:

1. SatyaLoka – The residence of Lord Brahma.

2. Tapa Loka – Great sages meditates in this loka.

3. Jana Loka – The place where the mind born sons of Lord Brahma like Daksha, SanatKumaras, Pulastiya and Marichi are residing.

4. Mahar Loka – This is theloka of the great DhruvaNakshathira, and along with him the great Maharishis, saints and the enlightened souls are also living in this Loka.

5. Svar Loka – It is also known as Svarga Loka or Indra Loka, and it is also known as Heaven, where Lord Indra and his subordinates Devas are residing.

6. Bhuvar Loka – In this loka, siddhas are residing and they are chanting the Shiva mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.

7. BhuLoka – It is the planet earth, and we are all residing in this BhuLoka only.

8. Atala Loka – In this Loka, the great Shiva avatar, Sri Bhairava and his consort Mata Bhavani is residing.

9. Vitala Loka –Yakshas are residing in this Loka, and they contain great powers.

10. Sutala Loka – Here BhaktaPrahalada’s grandson Mahabali and his family are residing.

11. Talatala Loka – In this Loka, Dhanavas are living.

12. Mahatala Loka – A certain type of demons are living.

13. Rasatala Loka – Divine Serpants are living in this Loka.

14. Patala Loka – Lord Adisesha is living in this Loka.


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