Sweetness of our Puranas

Ashtadasha Puranas 18 Maha Puranas

Ashtadasha Puranas 18 Maha Puranas

Sweetness of our Puranas… Reading the Holy Puranas is like tasting the divine nectar directly from the heaven. Though Rishi Sri Vedavyasa has written 18 Puranas, but most of the people prefer to read the Puranas like Shiva Purana, Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Garuda Purana, Devi Bhagavata Purana, Skanda Purana and Sri Ganesha Purana.

Once if we start reading the puranas regularly, then it would become habitual for us. Puranas contains the importance of the deities, and apart from that, it also contains various short stories and the life history of the Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Dhruva, Vallalla and Purushundi.

The main purpose of creating the Puranas is to deliver the divine information to the readers in a perfect manner. We can also keep the Puranas in our puja room, in order to honour the great divine books. Some people are of the opinion, that the contents present in the Puranas are fully imaginary! They must first understand, that these divine texts were written by the great sage Sri Vedavyasa, only after much analysis and by making thorough examination. Purana means purity, and it contains all the essential subjects, which is very much necessary at this tough KALI YUGA.

Nowadays, some people used to read Puranas only if they suffer from any sort of problems like diseases, mental stress and tensions. Parents must motivate their children to read the Holy Puranas even from their young age onwards! Once if they start reading it at the age of 5, then at the age of 50, they would be having thorough knowledge in the Puranas, and they would be capable of even delivering divine discourses from the Holy Puranas.

In the Vishnu Purana, it was said, that whoever read about the significance of Lord Vishnu from the Vishnu Purana, they need not worry about their life, since their life would be fully taken care of Lord Vishnu himself! So far, I have read the entire 18 Puranas, and I have got very much delighted! Hence I request the readers also to read these precious Puranas in order to lead a purified and a sin free life!


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