Lord Brahma, the Divine Vedic Priest

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma Dev is considered to be the first and foremost Vedic Priest, since he has performed marriage ceremonies to the deities like Shiva with Parvati, Venkateswara with Padmavati, Muruga with Valli and Devasa, Indra with Indrani and Vinayaka with Siddhi and Buddhi.

Brahma is one among the Trimurti and he is also the creator and the protector of the Vedas. Hence, we have to glorify him by chanting his mantra, “OM SRI BRAHMA DEVAYA NAMAHA”.

Vedic priests before reciting the Vedas must chant the Brahma Mantra, and then only they must proceed further with their duties. Apart from creation work, he is also the key person in putting the fate on our heads. Since Lord Brahma is having only a few temples in India, most of us are ignoring him, by considering him as a small deity. But, we should always remember that he is the creator of the entire universe, including the Swarga Loka, Naraka Loka, Pathala Loka, Bhuloka and all other worlds.

In the Rig Veda, lot of hymns are dedicated in favour of Lord Brahma. He is the ultimate Brahman (SUPREME DEITY) and contains the features of Lord Vishnu, since he has born out of the naval of Lord Vishnu. He is also the creator of his mind born sons like Pulastiya, Narada, Marichi, Sanatkumaras and Sangukarna.

The abode of Lord Brahma is Satyaloka and it looks very attractive, filled with full of precious stones, metals and decorated with precious ornaments like gold, diamond and silver. The life of Lord Brahma is so long, and he enjoys lot of pleasures in the Satyaloka like listening to the mesmerising Yazh Music of Gandharvas, and he also used to watch the dance performances of the Apsarasin his Loka. His one head would be reciting the Vedas, second head would be fondly seeing his consorts, Saraswati and Gayatri Devi, third head would be chanting the names of Lord Vishnu, and his fourth head would be affectionately looking after all of his creations.

Lord Brahma taught the Vedas to the celestial priests like Guru Brihaspati Bhagavan and Guru Sukra Bhagavan. He is having the capability to visit any divine worlds within a fraction of seconds, and he is always worshipped by Lord Indra, Devas and also by the Navagrahas. It is also a must to grant first honour to him while performing Yagnas, and the oblations derived from the Fire Sacrifices must be granted to him first, since Lord Brahma is considered to be the father of Yagnas.


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