Narada’s Praise on Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma is the creator god, and we are all his children. He is our original father and mother, and gives good wisdom, knowledge and courage. He is said to have been born from the Navel of Lord Vishnu, and due to that he is considered as the son of Lord Vishnu. He is only fixing our fate, and based on that, our life would go. He has got great powers, and is considered as one of the Trimurtis. Though there are only few temples dedicated for Lord Brahma, we can worship him in our home, by placing his picture in our puja room, and we can also worship him in the temples, since in most of the Shiva temples, Lord Brahma’s separate shrine would be there.

There is a famous Brahmapureeswarar Temple situated in Thirupattur, near Trichy, and it is believed that Lord Brahma had worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple, and got relieved from his curse. There is a separate shrine for Lord Brahma at this temple. It is believed that by worshipping Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva at this temple, our fate would get slightly changed, and the severity of our Bad Karmas would be reduced to a certain extent.

There is also a famous Brahma temple situated at Pushkar at Rajasthan, and large number of devotees would visit and worship Lord Brahma at this temple during festival occasions. Lord Brahma’s consort is Mata Saraswati, and she is the goddess of education. By worshipping Brahma and Saraswati, we would get fresh energy in our body and mind, and all of our mental and physical worries would fly away.

During ancient times, lot of demons and Devas had got various boons from Lord Brahma. And the great sages like Marisi, Manu, Pulastiya, Jadabarata, SanathKumaras, Narada and the demigods like Daksha, SanguKarna are considered as the first born sons of Lord Brahma. They contain powers similar to Lord Brahma, and also contain the features of Lord Brahma Deva.

Narada has praised Lord Brahma in the form of songs, which are as follows:-

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who is the supreme god, who appears either in form or in formless nature, he would lead us to the path of salvation. He would gift us sufficient wealth, would give good health, and would make us to breathe easily in our life.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who could not be understand fully even by the demigods in the heaven, who occupies in the souls of the blessed ones, who is highly immortal one, who gives pleasantness and peacefulness to those who worship him sincerely.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who is greater than all sages, who is considered to be the father of all living beings, who is always worshipped by his lovely consort and goddess of knowledge, Ma Saraswati, and he is the one who can be approached only through bhakti and meditation.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who stays in the souls of the great saints like Adishankara, Madhwacharya, Guru Raghavendra, and gives them more and more wisdom, knowledge and courage.

Salutations to Lord Brahma,who is also in the form of fire flames, and he is the creator of the nature gods like Agni, Vayu and Varuna, he is the one who lives in the Satya Loka, which appears more beautiful than that of the Swarga Loka. He is the god who is beyond time and an Independent deity, who is to be worshipped by us by considering him as our Divine father and mother.

Salutations to Lord Brahma,who is the son of is Lord Vishnu,who contains the features of Vishnu and Shiva, and he is having the capacity to destroy even the entire universe through his abnormal powers.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who is the form of wealth, knowledge, courage, bravery and prosperity, he is the one who activates our body by removing our ego, tensions, ugly thoughts and boosts lot of spiritual energy.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who has defeated the worldly illusions, who never likes comforts and luxuries, even though he lives in the Divine world, he is the one who lives like a sage, and shares his wonderful spiritual knowledge with sages, saints and his devotees.

Salutations to the god, who looks like a worshipful Rishi, who has got good knowledge than the Deva Rishi Brihaspati, who is sincerely worshipped by his mind born sons like Narada, Daksha, Sangukarna and Pulastya, and he is the one who is beyond our imagination.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who is very much interested to offer his whole heartedly prayers to his father Lord Vishnu, who has got back the Vedas from Lord Hayagriva, a form of Lord Vishnu, who is very keen in granting boons to his devotees.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who cannot be destroyed by any one, who is considered as the creator of the three worlds, who adds sweetness in our lives, based on our trust and pure bhakti.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, you have created the Sun and the Moon, you have created the stars, which add brightness to the skies, and you have created the Bhagavathas like Dhruva, Prahalada and Markandeya.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who used to show great mercy on the Devas, and the weaker ones, and you are the one, who is found in all the objects present in the earth and in the heaven. With your great powers, please grant all kinds of prosperity to all of your devotees.


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