Goddess of Music – ‘Maa Saraswati’

maa saraswati 124 no-watermark

maa saraswati 124 no-watermark

Music is one among the 64 forms of art, and it plays a vital role in increasing the knowledge of the people, and also it act as an entertainment to them, and it boosts spiritual energy. It also relieves the listeners from stress, mental depression and worries. Ma Saraswathi is considered as the goddess of music, and she can be seen in the pictures by playing a beautiful Veena.

Among the various musical instruments, the Violin music also creates happiness in the minds of the listeners, and it gives provides a rich feast to the ears of the listeners.The violin, also known as a fiddle, is a wooden instrument. Though Violin is not that much popular similar to Veena, still violins are played in music concerts, and lot of violin enthusiasts are there. Most of the violins contain wooden body. It is the smallest and the lovely instrument, which produces good sound. The violin contains four strings, and it requires lot of practice for the violin Vidwans to perform in the musical concerts.

They are most popularly used in the western music and in classical Carnatic music. Violins are also played in rock music and lot of Indians and foreigners are interested in learning and playing the violin instrument.

The violin was introduced in 16th-century in Italy, and during the 18th and 19th centuries the instrument has been fine-tuned by making small changes in the instrument. The late violin Vidhwan Sri Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan had performed very well using his violin, and he was highly praised for his wonderful musical concerts.

By regularly hearing the melodious music of violin, our mental worries would run away, and we would be boosted with extra energy in our mind and body, and we would be able to perform well in our life. It is believed that, by hearing the divine music of violin, mental illness can be cured to some extent. Those who give more work to their mind and body must regularly hear the violin music, and they can also hear the music from their homes itself by listening to the music from the Music chanting boxes, in order to get relieved from their tensions.

All the musical instruments such as Violin and Veena are the favourite instruments of Mata Saraswati, goddess of arts and education. By playing the musical instruments, and by worshipping Mata Saraswati, we would get wellness in our life, and our bad fate would be slightly adjusted due to the grace of Lord Brahma and Saraswati, and we would be able to live fearlessly and painlessly in our life.

Let us worship Brahma and Saraswati and be blessed.


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