Brahma Deva, Creator of Fate

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma is the creator of fate, and he is the one who also puts it on our head. He is doing like this, since he is supposed to do it. Whenever he puts fate on the sinful persons, he used to worry about them and about their future life, but, however, he himself would console, by saying, “No one can change the fate of the people, and even I am not supposed to do it”. But, sometimes Lord Brahma would also act as the fate changer, based on our sincere faith and bhakti on him.

Pregnant ladies must perform holy bath to the idol of Lord Brahma after they deliver their child. My parents have also performed holy milk bath to Lord Brahma in the KasiViswanathar Temple, Ayanavaram, after I was born. Lord Brahma is considered to be the absolute Brahman, which means he is the supreme lord, and he also contains powers equivalent to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

The life time of Lord Brahma is so long, and he enjoys lot of spiritual pleasures from his Loka, since he used to continuously mediate his father, Lord Vishnu.

Similar to the construction of temples for other deities like Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Muruga and Vinayaka, it is our main duty to construct temples for Lord Brahma also, at least in a small size. Lord Brahma being the creator god creates us, and thus he must be considered to be our divine father and mother.

A person before being born as a child first gets settled in the womb of his mother, and this all happens only through the grace of Lord Brahma. Without his grace, we could not take birth in this earth, and our soul would suffer in grief and it would be in a difficult state. As per legend, it is also stated, that as per a curse, Lord Brahma only has few temples in the world. We have to break up the curse, by considering it as a noble task, and we must happily come forward to construct at least a few temples for Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma is considered as the universal father and mother, and he is also stated in the Vedas as the “True Brahman”, which means, he is the supreme god, and only through him, the various types of worlds, celestial people, animals, birds, insects and all other creatures are formed. Lord Brahma is popularly mentioned in the Vedas, as the “FATHER OF THE VEDAS”, he is also known as “NANMUGAN”, four headed god, and known as “SVAYAMBU”, self-manifested one, though he is believed to be born from the naval of Lord Vishnu, “PRAJAPATI”, the chief creator, “BRAHMA DEVA”, the Chief among the Devas, superior one than that of Lord Indra, “ANNA VAGANA”, the god who possess the divine swan as his vehicle.

I don’t know why most of the Hindus are not realising about the significance of Lord Brahma. Though only a few temples are dedicated to him in the world, yet, we can see the small shrines of Lord Brahma, in most of the Shiva Temples. If we try to build a few temples for Lord Brahma, his father, Lord Vishnu and his consort Ma Saraswathi would be very much pleased with us, since both of them are the well-wishers of Lord Brahma, and both of them would make us to prosper in our lives by feeding more and more wealth, prosperity wisdom, knowledge, courage and motivation, and also would grant salvation to us.


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