Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Neelam



Blue Sapphire Gemstone also known as Neelam is the gemstone associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is known as the karmic planet and rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Blue sapphire is worn on a Saturday.

Blue Sapphire is the seventh one of Navaratna, Nine Gemstones as per Hindu Astrology.

Blue Sapphire gemstone is known to bring mental peace and financial rewards to the person wearing it. Among all the gemstones, this gemstone is known to be the fastest rewarding gemstone.

It can give benefit to the wearer in a very short period and resolve major problems, bestow mental peace, clarity of thought and freedom from depression and anxiety.It is also believed to cure depressive psychosis, physical ailments and even alcoholism.

Since this gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn, it is to be worn after a lot of consideration. If the effects prove to be malefic then it can create havoc for the person wearing it.

This is one gemstone which you should not wear unless and until instructed by any qualified astrologer or gemstone therapist.

It is also advisable not to wear this gemstone along with pearl, coral or ruby. This combination also can do more harm than benefit for the person. Also the blue sapphire gemstone should be properly worshipped before wearing it on a Saturday  Also Lord Shani should be worshipped while wearing the gemstone.

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