Cat’s Eye Gemstone, Vaidurya, Lehsunia

cats eye gemstone

cats eye gemstone

Cat’s Eye Gemstone also known as Vaidurya or Lehsunia is the gemstone associated with the planet Ketu. Ketu is considered to be a karmic planet. The gemstone is to be worn on a Tuesday.

Cat’s eye is the last one of Navaratna, Nine Gemstones as per Hindu Astrology.

The planet Ketu can create lots of problems in any person’s life if it is not favourably alligned in the horoscope. Hence in order to neutralise the ill effects of the planet ketu, it is advisable to wear the Cat’s Eye Gemstone and worship Lord Ketu. This is known to be an effective solution to get the blessings of the planet.

This gemstone protects the wearer from hidden enemies and sudden dangers and diseases. It is also known to give huge financial rewards and hence is very popular among the business community.

It also eliminates obstructions and reduces ailments, brings strength, pleasure, bliss and prosperity. It will help to neutralise the ill effects of the planet Ketu and get the blessings of Lord Ketu.

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is to be worn in a panchdhatu on a Wednesday on the little finger. However it is advisable to consult your astrologer or gemstone therapist and ascertain the benefits of wearing the gemstone before trying it. Also proper worship of the gemstone as per rituals is to be performed prior to wearing the gemstone.

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