Bhakti & Swachchatha: Devotion leads to a life of Purity

The methods to develop devotion which have been made available to mankind by sages and saints are many, such as visiting temples, offering of worship, meditation, chanting names and reposing confidence in the words of spiritual leaders, honouring them and abiding by their advice.

A devotee is given the option to choose any one among them and hold on to it tenaciously. The main purpose of adhering to these paths is to ensure that a person spends a life of purity realising the value of righteous conduct.

It is in the context of preserving the Moral Law, spiritual values and religious prescriptions that India had been a torch- bearer. The way of life based on values shown by “Bharath” was followed by other countries and they enjoyed prosperity.

India’s hoary traditions originally formulated by sages and carefully nurtured by saints, had enabled India to establish its superiority in the cultural and spiritual realms. Sanskrit language can even now be found in use in some foreign countries (words like Garuda and Kubera), revealing how its glory had spread.

The wealth of knowledge which the ancient texts contained were utilised by some nations to their advantage by adopting the technical and other excellencies contained therein for the development of science and technology.

Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, Kanchi Sankaracharya in a discourse said, like Sanskrit language, the philosophy of Adi Sankara has also come to be praised all over the world. Sanskrit served as a treasure-house of knowledge. There were universities, libraries, and institutions for research in theology and scholars who had doubts or who needed clarifications visited these centres of learning. Emperor Bhoja was known for his interest in promoting scholarship and disseminating knowledge.

India has provided the base on which great traditions were built. The hoary culture and rich heritage of India should hence be zealously preserved. People should follow the path of righteousness in their lives. God is bound to extend His blessings to those who cherish ancient spiritual values.

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