Bhakti – Glorifying Act for God

We can glorify the god by doing various kinds of noble activities. Bhakti is very essential in this today’s world. Without thinking about god it is not possible to live even for a single moment in our life.

Bhakti boosts our spiritual energy, and also generates energy to our body cells, and helps for free flow of blood circulation throughout our body. Involving in spiritual thoughts of the god is the best medicine for getting relieved from any kind of mental as well as physical diseases. Even the problems of black magic would be removed automatically, if we keep sincere bhakti on the almighty.

Medicine given by the doctors can or cannot reduce our diseases. But the pleasant thoughts on the almighty would heal all of our diseases and also would give peace of mind throughout in our life.

There are various ways to glorify the god. Some of them are as follows:

1. By performing puja and abhishekham to the deities.

2. By chanting powerful mantras and names of the almighty.

3. By decorating the deities with flowers and flower garlands and offering them Prasad items.

4. By observing fasting during auspicious days.

5. By performing fire sacrifices.

6. By visiting holy temples of the deities.

7. By singing devotional songs on the almighty.

8. By helping in the construction/repair and renovation of temples.

9. By participating in various seva schemes available in the temples, including AnnadanaSeva.

10. By celebrating the festivals like VinayakaChaturthi, Krishna Jayanti and VijayaDasami in a grand manner.

11. By spreading the “BHAKTI” on the almighty by conducting divine discourses in the temples, by way of writing spiritual articles and by way of drawing nice paintings on the almighty and submitting it to the temples/mutts at free of cost.

12. By taking care of our parents and giving respect to our elders.

13. By worshipping our holy spiritual gurus like Sri Raghavendra Swamy, Shirdi Saibaba and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in the temples and in our homes.

14. Donating lamp oil to the temples and mutts for lighting of lamps in the temples/mutts.

15. Giving provisions and vegetables to the temples and mutts.

16. Worshipping Lord Surya Bhagavan during early morning regularly by chanting slokas on him.

17. Doing yoga and meditation regularly.

18. Discussion of spiritual matters with our friends and relatives, and communicating spiritual messages through social media like email, Whatsapp and face book to our friends, relatives and well-wishers.

19. Giving respect to each and every woman and considering them as the divine incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi.

20. Non usage of bad words and speaking with others in a gentle manner.

21. Giving our helping hand to the poor and down trodden people.


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