Daiva Bhakti | Devotion towards God

Daiva Bhakti means showing our sincere bhakti on gods and goddesses. We can show our bhakti on any of our beloved gods or goddesses like Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Brahma, Shakti, Vinakaya and Muruga. Showing bhakti on the great saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba is also considered as a good act, since these divine saints are to be considered as the aspects of the god.

Daiva Bhakti must be practiced in a selfless manner, and we should offer our prayers to the god, only for the welfare of universal goodness. Daiva Bhakti shown by Nayanmars and Alwars cannot be forgotten by us, since through their staunch bhakti, they have attained the holy abode of the almighty.

Daiva Bhakti cannot come all of a sudden, and it must be practiced in a step by step manner. Similar to building a home, which requires, empty land, construction of building, providing roofing, flooring and making provision for keeping A/C’s, washing machines and making interior decoration to the hall, providing modular kitchens to the bedrooms and kitchens etc., etc. Likewise, for developing bhakti, first we need to visit temples, knew about the significance of deities by reading the holy books like Ramayana and other Puranas, performing puja at our home, doing meditation, listening to spiritual discourses etc.

Only through Daiva Bhakti, devotees could attain the abode of Lord Indra, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Living in the heaven is believed to be a pleasant experience, but, we could be able to live in that divine place only for a sufficient period of time, and after that, we would be again taking birth in this difficult earth. In order to attain permanent salvation, we should aim to reach the holy abodes of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Once, if we reach those divine places, then there is no need to again take birth in the earth as ordinary mortals.Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings tells to Arjuna, “Oh! My dear Arjuna, those who are interested to live in heaven, could live only for a reasonable period of time! But those who worships me and surrenders me fully would attain my holy abode of Vaikunta, and after reaching there, they need not take birth again and again in this materialistic world. But it is very difficult to attain my abode, since they have to face several hardships before reaching my place. I would also test their bhakti by giving lot of troubles to them, which they must have to take it as a part of my blessings only. Nothing can be easily attained in this world.Salvation can be made possible, only if my devotees show their sincere bhakti on me, me and me only”.


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