Just a Bilva / Basil leaf will please the Lord

Lord Shiva

There will be occasions when even ardent devotees who offer their sincere prayers at the feet of God feel disheartened that their pleas have not been entertained by Him. What should be remembered in such cases is that the prayers should be backed by greater intensity. The deficiency lies in the devotees and not with […]

Bhakti & Swachchatha: Devotion leads to a life of Purity

The methods to develop devotion which have been made available to mankind by sages and saints are many, such as visiting temples, offering of worship, meditation, chanting names and reposing confidence in the words of spiritual leaders, honouring them and abiding by their advice. A devotee is given the option to choose any one among […]

The Nature of Devotion

As it is commonly found to-day, devotion is self-centered, superstition- redden and often anti social. People seek god’s grace for tiding over crises or for getting their desires fulfilled- better health, money, job promotions, passing examinations and the like. If the lord does not respond. He is rejected. In short, religion reduced to business proposition. […]

Devotion is not Business Proposition

Devotion is not Business Proposition: The dominating theme in all holy books is cultivation of devotion. These books spell out the details of generating it through different methods. At the same time, they also indicate that devotion is not a business proposition, telling God that we must be given plenty in return. What is necessary […]

Four Stages of Devotion (Bhakti)

While it is said that a devotee is under God’s loving care, it will be wrong to demand from him that he should not experience any hardship. The Lord, is not only the most compassionate. If a person had committed major transgressions in his earlier births, allowing him to go Scot free worth out any punishment in the form of suffering, will be a travesty of justice. […]

Devotion leads to Supreme bliss

Some instances where even ardent devotees suffer, contrary to the belief that god never allows those devoted to him to grieve, make people wonder why he should indulge in such methods. Why should he give agony to his sincere devotees. Is he a mere task-master? Has he no mercy? If that be his attitude.why should […]