Just a Bilva / Basil leaf will please the Lord

Lord Shiva

There will be occasions when even ardent devotees who offer their sincere prayers at the feet of God feel disheartened that their pleas have not been entertained by Him. What should be remembered in such cases is that the prayers should be backed by greater intensity. The deficiency lies in the devotees and not with […]

Bhakti – Glorifying Act for God

We can glorify the god by doing various kinds of noble activities. Bhakti is very essential in this today’s world. Without thinking about god it is not possible to live even for a single moment in our life. Bhakti boosts our spiritual energy, and also generates energy to our body cells, and helps for free […]

Divine Bliss

Divine bliss means attaining the glory of the god, getting the divine love and divine feeling by frequently worshipping the god. For getting divine bliss, it is not necessary to do penance for years together. Offering regular prayers to the god, and praising his greatness and chanting his names alone would help us to get […]

Haridasa Bhakti Movement

The Haridasa devotional movement was formed in Karnataka, India, after the avatar of the holy saint Sri Madhvacharya, an incarnation of Lord Vayu Bhagavan, and gradually the movement had spread throughout India. Through the efforts of several Indian saints,the Haridasa movement had spread among the masses. The term Haridasas means the obedient servants of Lord […]

Bhakti & Swachchatha: Devotion leads to a life of Purity

The methods to develop devotion which have been made available to mankind by sages and saints are many, such as visiting temples, offering of worship, meditation, chanting names and reposing confidence in the words of spiritual leaders, honouring them and abiding by their advice. A devotee is given the option to choose any one among […]

The Nature of Devotion

As it is commonly found to-day, devotion is self-centered, superstition- redden and often anti social. People seek god’s grace for tiding over crises or for getting their desires fulfilled- better health, money, job promotions, passing examinations and the like. If the lord does not respond. He is rejected. In short, religion reduced to business proposition. […]

Four Stages of Devotion (Bhakti)

While it is said that a devotee is under God’s loving care, it will be wrong to demand from him that he should not experience any hardship. The Lord, is not only the most compassionate. If a person had committed major transgressions in his earlier births, allowing him to go Scot free worth out any punishment in the form of suffering, will be a travesty of justice. […]