Bhagat Sain

Bhagat Sain was lived during fourteenth century AD and he was one of the disciples of Swami Ramanand. Due to his great devotion on the god, he was a known person among his followers, well-wishers and by his village people. Though Bhagat Sain was a barber by profession, yet, he maintained staunch bhakti on Lord Rama, he walked on the foot-steps of his Guru Sri Ramanand, and lived a perfect life as per the teachings of his Guru. He worked under the King of Rewa, and he has discharged his duties in a wonderful manner.

It is believed that Bhagat Sain was born in a village in the present day Rajasthan, and served as barber in the court of king of Rajasthan. He has written lot of songs in praise of Lord Rama in Marathi language, in palm leaf manuscripts, though the entire scripts are not available as of now, yet, some portions of texts were carefully preserved by the followers of Sri Bhagat Sain.

After becoming the humble disciple of Saint Ramananda, as per the advice of his Guru, he toured all over India in order to spread the “SRI RAMA BHAKTI SPIRIT” amongst the masses. He was enjoyed being in the company of noble men like Ramananda. He strongly believed that serving saints like Ramananda was equivalent to serving the great God himself. After realising the holiness of Bhagat Sain, the king of Rajasthan himself has fell down at his feet, relieved him from his official duties, and asked him to join with his Guru Swamy Ramananda to do spiritual services. A brief detail about Bhagat Sain was also mentioned in the Sikh’s Holy Book Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Some of the verses from the wonderful poems composed by Sri Bhagat Sain are as follows:-

After keeping all the necessary things to light a lamp, let me light a lamp to you, Oh My Rama! I am building a wonderful temple for you in my soul itself, Oh my Rama, Oh my sweet Rama!

Oh my Dear Rama, you are my beauty, sweetie and my wonderful deity. I feel great satisfaction whenever I recite your names, and I worship you deeply from my heart.

Oh my Dear Lord Rama. Let me put some dirt on the mouth of those who didn’t worship you!

Oh Rama, similar to Lord Hanuman, I have kept great faith on you, even, if someone, tear my heart, they could see your divine presence on it!

Oh Rama, I want to get your divine vision immediately, since I hate food, sleep and all other comforts without having your divine vision!

Oh Rama, please once again take your avatar, in order to punish the evil minded people. Since I can find millions and millions of Ravana’s who lives in this country!

Oh Rama, you are my friend, philosopher, guide and god. Those who recite your wonderful names would be relieved from the continuous chain of birth cycles, and thereafter they need not suffer any more in this difficult world!

Written by
R Harishankar

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