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Chithirai Vishu Punyakaala Tharpana Mantras, 14 April 2019

Chithirai Vishu Punyakaala Tharpana Mantras for 14 April 2019.. Chaitra Ravi Vishu Punyakala in Vikari year starts at midnight 2 PM on 14 April 2019.

The exact time of Mesha Sankranti 2019 (Mesha Sankramana Punya Kaalam)

Mesha Sankramana Punya Kalam – 2.09 PM, 14 April 2019

Mesha Sankranti Punya Kaala Muhurta – 10.09 AM to 6.09 PM, 14 April 2019

Mesha Sankramana Tharpana Mahapunya Kala Time – 1.45 PM to 2.33 PM, 14 April 2019

14 April 2019 – Chaithra ravi  vishu punya kala

Vikari nama samvathsare ,Utharayane , Vasantha rithou, meena mase, shukla  pakshe, adhya dasamyam  punya thidhou , bhanu   vasara yukthayam, Aslesha    nakshatra   yukthayam, shubhayoga, shubhaKarana evam guna viseshena, visishtayam asyam DAsamyam   punya thidhou, Chaithra  Vishu  punyakale, darsa sradham , thilatharpana roopena adhya karishye

(Dasami for the entire dayand afterwards   , asleshas   up to 6.01 AM next morning  Am   and later  Revathi .)

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