Veer Kalla Ji | Kallaji Rathore

Veer Kalla Ji Kallaji Rathore

Veer Kalla Ji Kallaji Rathore

Veer Kallaji is a famous village god worshipped in Rajasthan. It is believed that he was born in 16th century AD at Merta village in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan. Though he was born as a normal child, during the times of battles, he would get four hands in order to fight fiercely with his enemies. His temples are situated in Bhauraiagarh, Salumbar and Samalia.

He is said to be the incarnation of the snake god Karkotaka, who helped king Nala to unite with his wife Damayanti. It is also believed that Sri Veer Kalla ji used to fly in the sky through his super natural powers.

He is worshipped widely by the people of Rajasthan and grand festival and fairs would take place during the Naga Panchami festival days. He relieves the people from snake bites and from poisonous fevers, and would give a healthy body. It is believed that after his death, he is said to have gone to the underworld, the Pathala Loka.

Veer Kalla ji was the ruler of Merta village and successfully ruled his kingdom. Lot of wonderful stories are associated with him. Still now at Rajasthan, when a lady becomes pregnant, she would visit his shrines and prays for the well-being of her child, and also would offer milk in the snake burrows.

There are lot of village deities all over India, and especially in Rajasthan. In Tamil Nadu also, village deities like Nalla Thangal, Ellaiamman and Pidariamman are considered as famous deities. Village deities protects the village people from dangers and diseases and they acts as their guardians. All of them are the divine incarnations of the almighty. They are taking avatars in order to inculcate confidence in the minds of the people, and to develop “BHAKTI” in their minds.

These pious avatars even sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the people. Whoever worships them wholeheartedly would get blessings from them, and their life would blossom like a lotus flower.


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