Nanakji Burdak | Dada Nanakram

Nanakji Burdak (13th century AD) was born in Nanihal village in Rajasthan, in Burdak community, and he is considered as a great spiritual saint, and he is the ancestor of the Burdak community people. At the time of his birth, there was a war between Burdak community and Dhaka community people. Due to the grace of the almighty, the young child, Nanakji was miraculously saved.

His family members were ardent devotees of Ma Shakambari Devi, and they used to regularly visit the Temple during Fridays, and on other auspicious festival days. Nanakji got married and had three sons and they lived in a village at Rajasthan. Nankji constructed wells for the welfare of the village people during the time of drought season and quenched their thirst, and also he provided free food to the poor village people and removed their hunger.

Nanakji renovated the Jeenmata temple at Rajasthan, and protected it from the Mughal army. He also made the Mughal rulers, to realize the significance of Jeenmata. Nanakji died in the year 1319 AD.

After his death, a temple was constructed for him in Rajasthan. Still now lot of villagers are paying their great respects to him at his shrine during weekends.


1. All the living beings suffer from both happiness and unhappiness during their lifetime due to their past birth karmas.

2. Human sufferings are not permanent. It can be solved by keeping constant bhakti on the almighty.

3. Correct understanding of god is essential in order to travel in the spiritual path.

4. The more effort you put in your work, the more returns you would get from that.

5. Get rid from the desires, in order to get spiritual enlightenment.

6. Always be active, control your senses and do your duty properly.

7. Realize that god dwells within your soul.

8. Do lot of charity and help others.

9. Throw out from your memory about the past bitter incidents in your life.


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