Divine Beauty of Deity

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Our temple deities would look very beautiful and attractive. Nothing can be made equivalent to their lovely smile. Whether it may be Krishna, Muruga, Shiva and Shakti etc., the loveliness and the sweetness of the deities can attract the hearts of millions and millions of devotees.

In ancient times, the deities are carved by the sculptor, after making special prayers to the god. They would also observe fasting and carefully carve the divine deities to their level best.

By seeing the beauty of the deities, our mind would be filled up with full of joy, and our bad karmas also would get burned into ashes, within a fraction of seconds. Some deities look different in their appearance, for example, in case of Jagannath Temple, Puri. Those deities also contain good appearance and provide peace of mind to the devotees.

During the time of Navaratri, Hindus would buy different kinds of deities made out of clay and the young children would enjoy it on seeing the beauty of the deities. Deities provide a rich feast to the eyes of the devotees, and it would make us to forget our worries, refresh our mind, and makes us to get happiness.

Some deities in the temples look fearsome like the Ayyanar and Kathavarayan. These deities remove the fear from our minds, and gives courage, wisdom and braveness to us throughout our life.

Among other deities, Lord Krishna and Child Krishna deities in the temples would create us a different mood, and we would get a feeling as if we are residing in the heaven. The charming face and the brightness in colour, would steal our hearts, and would make us to become Lord Krishna’s permanent devotees.

Worshipping the god in the form of a deity is a must for the Hindus, since we are getting the feeling of safety and security by seeing the face of the divine deity. Sometimes we would also think that in times of dangers, the divine god would emerge from the deity and would safeguard us.

Let us worship Lord Krishna and be blessed.


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