Temples in Forests | Why some Temples are built in dense forests

Still now lot of temples are there in thick dense forests. Some ancient Shiva and Kalabhairava temples are situated in forests and some of them are in a dilapidated state, and urgent action must be taken by the devotees and the philanthropists in order to repair and renovate such holy temples. The Mahadeva temple in […]

Divine Beauty of Deity

Our temple deities would look very beautiful and attractive. Nothing can be made equivalent to their lovely smile. Whether it may be Krishna, Muruga, Shiva and Shakti etc., the loveliness and the sweetness of the deities can attract the hearts of millions and millions of devotees. In ancient times, the deities are carved by the […]

Destruction of Ancient Hindu Temples

Generally, we would have heard about the construction, reconstruction, repairs and renovation of temples. Then what about the demolition and destruction of temples? Destruction of Hindu temples was done during the rule of Mughal kings. Among the Mughal rulers, Aurangazeb was the main person in demolishing lot of Hindu temples. He didn’t think about the […]