Bala Brahma | Lord Brahma in Child Form

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

Bala Brahma | Lord Brahma in Child Form.. Is anybody aware of child Brahma? In one of the ancient temples situated in Indonesia, a rare form of statue of child Brahma is available, and in that sculpture, he appears only with three heads, and presently the sculpture appears to be partially dilapidated, since this rare idol was once destroyed by some Muslim miscreants.In most of the pictures of Brahma, he can be seen depicted as old. But only in this temple, Lord Brahma can be seen in the form of a young boy, and some of the details about him were also mentioned in the wall inscriptions found inside the temple.

It is believed that those who worship this rare form of Lord Brahma would be blessed with good fortunes in their life, and childless couples are also advised to worship this form of Lord Brahma, in order to give birth to a pious child. Worshipping our parent god Brahma in the form of a child would please him, and he would bestow various boons to us. Similar to worshipping the gods like Lord Vinayaka, Muruga and Krishna in the form of a child, we can also worship Lord Brahma in the form of a child, and there is no harm in doing like that.

There are also some ancient stories related with child Brahma, and it was said, that while Brahma had arisen from the womb of Lord Vishnu, he has appeared only in the form of a child, and his pictures in child form were once drawn by an ancient artist who was believed to have been born in India before 4,000 years ago, and he served as a famous artist under the court of the great Ujjain King Sri Vikramaditya. But most of the pictures depict Lord Brahma only in old form, while other gods like Shiva and Vishnu were depicted in younger forms.

If we clearly observe the picture of child Brahma, which was attached in this article, we could knew how much beautiful he looks! Hence instead of making an extensive research about the origin of child Brahma, let us worship him by considering him similar to child Krishna, and let us be blessed.


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