Bal Yuva Mandal Ganesha 2016 – Hindi Nagar (Goshamahal), Hyderabad

Balyuva Mandal Ganesh 2016 Hindi Nagar 5 no-watermark

Balyuva Mandal Ganesh 2016 Hindi Nagar 5 no-watermark

This Ganesh idol is not an ordinary Plaster of Paris or Clay idol. This Ganpati has everything within that can influence our inflation. Yes, what you heard is right, inflation – this idol has several types of pulses and other food grains.

Bal Yuva Mandal of Hindi Nagar (Goshamahal), Hyderabad, has come up with a good theme of ‘Food Grains Ganesha’. They have a history of coming up with innovative themes every year.

Previously Bal Yuva Mandal had came up with themes like ‘Make in India Ganesh‘ in 2015, Dry Fruits Ganesha in 2013, ‘Diamond Ganesh’ in 2012, ‘Gold and Silver Coins Ganesh’ in 2011, Navratan Ganesh in 2010 and Pearls Ganesh in 2009.

This year’s idol is prepared by grains such as Tur dal, Chana dal, and Masoor dal, among others.

Bal Yuva Mandal was started in the year of 1999. Its an organisation of youngsters. The active members of this Mandal are – Aakash Agarwal, Hitesh Agarwal, Shubham Sharma and Shiva Sharma.

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