Baba Nagarjun (Vaidyanath Mishra)

Vaidyanath Mishra (1911-1998) was later known as Nagarjun, was a famous writer and poet.
Vaidyanath Mishra was born in the year 1911, in a village in Bihar, and he was interested in spirituality, and he got interested in Buddhist philosophy, and due to that he was converted to Buddhism and he was named as Nagarjun. His mother was died when he was a small child, and hence he was brought up by his relatives. He was an intelligent student, and learnt various languages and went to Varanasi and started a small business. At his teenage, he got married with a noble lady and had children.

He started his writing career from 1930s. He also worked as a teacher, and in course of time, he began to study Buddhist scriptures, and he became a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka. After serving a few years as a monk, he went to Bihar and become a monk in the Buddha Gaya Temple.

Apart from spiritual service, he also concentrated on social welfare activities, and fought for the farmers rights, and due to that, he was jailed for a few months.
He died in the year 1998 at Darbhanga, Bihar.


Nagarjun was given the Sahitya Akademi Award and Bharat Award for his contribution in poetry and literature.


1. Yugdharao
2. Kal aur Aaaj
3. Satrange Pankhon Wali
4. Talab ki Machhliyan
5. Khichri Viplava Dekha Humne
6. Hazar Hazar Bahon Wali
7. Purani Juliyon Ka Coras
8. Tumne Kaha Tha
9. Akhir Aisa Kya Kah Diya Maine

Let us praise the great man and be blessed.

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