Are you Conscious, Quotes on Consciousness within us

“Is there consciousness within me?” To this question raised by his disciple in Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar (Founder of Art of Living) replied…

You are asking and you are hearing also whatever I said. If there was no consciousness within you how would you have asked the question? How would you have seen, heard or understood? That which is listening from within you, comprehending, witnessing, experiencing everything, is chitta.

The main powerhouse of the mind, intellect, memory, ego, body, prana; that stream of energy – that itself is consciousness. So the truth is that which is.

You exist, right? This building exists? This building is truth. But it does not seem that these pillars can hear what is being spoken, so the building lacks consciousness.

Although we cannot say that, a little bit is present in everything; it is present in stones also. But in you consciousness is more obvious. In trees it is less evident although trees and plants also hear. But in you that consciousness is greater.

When that consciousness transforms into bliss, it is Paramatma.

In the universe there is only truth. Within consciousness, the universe and life both exist. And in God, truth, consciousness and bliss, all three are present. And joy is hidden within us. Through practice (sadhana) that joys sprouts.

So God is asleep within you, hidden inside – awaken Him.

This is what is ‘Jaagaran’. Awaken the mother, the Goddess sitting inside you, awaken Her!

Shivji is sitting inside, awaken Him. Sri Hari is sitting inside, awaken Him.

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  1. sai says:

    nicely said…….through meditation we can awaken the mother goddess, shiva and sri hari residing in us and thereby experience bliss