Annapurna Mata Photo in Kitchen | Vastu Tip for Kitchen

Goddess Annapurnadevi

Goddess Annapurnadevi

Annapurna Mata Photo in Kitchen, Importance of Keeping Annapurna Mata Photo in Kitchen, Vastu Tip says Placing Annapurna Mata Image in Kitchen brings wealth and prosperity.

As we all know, kitchen is the most important place in the house as it is the place from where life, nutrition, energy (Shakti) comes to family members. And kitchen is considered as the temple of Goddess Annapurna Devi.

The beautiful picture of Annapurna Mata in kitchen makes the place to be abundant with grains, vegetables, fruits and other food material. By placing Annapurna picture in kitchen also makes the home never have shortage of money. Happiness and prosperity also increases in the house. Love, affection and bonding are also improved among family members.

Annapurna Mata | Goddess Annapoorna Devi

Goddess Annapoorna & Her consort Lord Shiva

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