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Annapurna Mata, Goddess Annapoorna

Annapurna Devi Lord Shiva

Annapurna Devi Lord Shiva

Goddess Annapurna Devi is one of the supreme manifestations of Goddess Parvati. Annapoorna Devi is the presiding deity of Kasi (Varanasi) Annapurna Mandir. Annapurna Mata is also worshipped during Durga Navaratri puja.

Who is Goddess Annapurna Devi – Significance of Annapoorna Mata Incarnation?

Goddess Annapurna is one of the aspects of Goddess Parvati. To prove her credibility in feeding living beings, once she separated from Lord Shiva and consecrated in Kasi (Varanasi) as Annapurneshwari Devi.

Lacking her in Kailash, Lord Shiva was starved for some time and was unable to live without Parvati and food. Lord Shiva realized that the main source and creator of worlds nourishment and feeding is Goddess Parvati, the Mother Goddess. And he visited Kasi and prayed to Goddess Annapurneshwari Devi. He begged her some food and made himself free from starvation.

Goddess Annapurna Puja is observed in Shukla paksha of Chaitra month as per the traditional Hindu (Bengali) calendar.

Importance of Goddess Annapurna Worship – Significance of Mata Annapoorneshwari Pooja:

Devotees who worship of Goddess Annapurneshwari will be blessed with prosperity and health. Women worship Annapurneshwari Devi for their better married life. They also perform Annapurneswari Pooja for their childrens health and better growth.

Annapurna Ashtakam – Annapoorna Astakam – important Stotram to Goddess Annapurna

Annapurna Puja – Annapoorna Vratham

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  1. Pankaj Mishra says:

    We are thankful and greatly indebted to you for the longtime desired information abov Godess Annapurna ji. We wish you all the best. May Devi Annapurna ji bless, all of you, every happiness. If possible Please keep us updated with all major religious ioformations. Thanks & Regards. . (mrs. Asha & Pankaj Mishra)

  2. Abhishek says:

    Does anybody know if there is any Annapoorna Mata temple in Rajasthan? If so where and which Clans worship them (as their Kuldevi, Ishtadevi etc.)?

    Would also like to know if there is any link in Annapoorna Mata and Ashapura Maa as Ashapura Maa is worshipped in various parts of Rasjasthan and Gujarat and some consider Ashapura Maa to be avatar of Annapurna Mata bur I’ve never got a confirmation on this.