Akrura, Army Chief of Yadavas in Mahabharata

Akrura was a chief of the Yadavas. The life of Akrura can be known from ancient Puranas.


Akrura was the son of Svaphalka and Gandini, and he was born during the dwaparayuga in Mathura, in the Yadava community approximately 5500 years back.

Akrurawas married to Sutanu, and they had two sons. Kamsa ruled Mathura. He wanted to kill Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama, since he heard a divine voice from the sky that he would be killed by Krishna.Akrura informed Krishna about Kamsa’s plan to kill Krishna, and advised him to kill Kamsa.

Akrura was considered as an uncle of Lord Krishna but he respects and worshipped him as a god. He is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures as an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Akrura was also present during the wedding function of Draupadi, andwas present at the time of Krishna’s marriage with Subhadra.He also attended the marriage function of Abhimanyu.
Akrurahelped Krishna towards fighting with Jarasandha, and won in the battle.

AkruraGhat is the famous ghats at Vrindavan, Mathura district. In this place, Lord Krishna and Balarama gave darshan in the forms of Lord Vishnu and Adhisesha to Akrura. Akrura Ghatis considered as a very holy place, and we can wash out our sins by taking a bath in this ghat.

In Gopinath temple, all the three images of Krishna, Balarama and Akrura are found.


The relationship between Akrura and Krishna is that of between a devotee and a god. He treated Lord Krishna in a kind manner and worshipped him from his heart. He humbly served to Lord Krishna and Balarama, and won their hearts.

He was considered to be the chief among the yadavas, and he respected his yadava people, and provided all the benefits to them. He lived a simple life, and roamed in madhura, played with yadavas and also with Krishna and balarama and spent his life happily.

From his younger age, he was interested in spirituality and he contains wisdom, courage, patience and boldness. He was an expert in all forms of art, and also contains knowledge about the divine subjects. He was properly guided by Lord Krishna, and lived a noble life. He along with other yadavas never suffered from any physical or mental diseases or from any other problems, due to the divine grace of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama.

Let us worship this great devotee of Lord Krishna and be blessed.

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