Abhinavagupta & Tantrasara, a Tantric Scripture

Abhinavagupta, a man whose name has to be spoken with respect and reverence not only for his works, he has laid strong foundation on so many methods that are in use even today due his text on tantrasara.  He was born to spiritually evolved couple by name vimala kala and NarasimhaGupta.  Like all special births of great men his birth is also special and indicates birth of Mahatma.

Basics of education have been imparted to him by his father.  Then he spent his time under different Masters, all are renowned in their own field.  Wherever he went he has mastered the field of education and blessed by his Masters.  LakshmanaGupta and Shambunatha are revered teachers who played prominent role in his life.  He received initiation by Shambunaths’s Wife which has ultimately led him to become enlightened person.  The method of Kaula initiation is very difficult to attain, but he could attain through his detachment to worldly affairs.

He has been asked to write a treatise on the tantra practice by his master Shambunatha.  It has become popular by name Tantraloka. He held his Master Shambunatha in the supreme place and for Abhinavagupta he is no less than God.  Apart from these two Masters he has received his education from other twelve teachers who are also very eminent personalities in their field.

His works are very popular and it has been translated into so many European languages.  His two popular works Tantra Loka and Tantra Sara is considered as the best in the Tantric world. Even today it has been considered as authentic source for tantra practice.  Apart from this he has written hymns and Philosophical works, he also remembered for his work on Natya Shastra by name AbhinavaBharathi.  It is considered as the text on Natya Shastra even today.

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