A brief history of Abhinavagupta

Abhinavagupta, born and lived between c. 950 and 1020 AD in India was the great philosopher and literacy critic. He was considered as the pivotal person in the Hindu histories of Scholastic philosophy, aesthetic theory and tantra. Abhinavagupta elaborated and gave many notable writings particularly on Pratyabhijna Philosophical theology. This was augmented by him for […]


Abhinavagupta (950–1016 AD) was a famous Saint from Kashmir. He was also a great musician and poet. LIFE He was born in Kashmir and studied under the guidance of holy gurus. His great work Tantraloka, was based on Shaivism, and was widely accepted by the followers of Shaivism. His works also include devotional songs, and […]

Abhinavagupta & Tantrasara, a Tantric Scripture

Abhinavagupta, a man whose name has to be spoken with respect and reverence not only for his works, he has laid strong foundation on so many methods that are in use even today due his text on tantrasara.  He was born to spiritually evolved couple by name vimala kala and NarasimhaGupta.  Like all special births […]

Works of Abhinavagupta

One of India’s greatest philosopher, aesthetician, poet, dramatist, theologian and logician – an all rounder for time immemorial is Abhinavagupta. Born in a family of scholars and mystics, during his time phase Abhinavagupta had completed over 35 works based on devotion, religion, philosophy, drama and poems. The most notable and all time famous work being […]

Abhinavagupta’s Contribution to Hinduism

India, the country famous for its diversity in culture and heritage, was once home to some of the greatest mathematicians, thinkers and philosophers. These renowned people have contributed a great deal in influencing the thoughts and dispositions of huge masses of Indians over the progress of centuries, and have in a way, shaped the country […]

Abhinavagupta: Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee

Abhinavgupta, a single worded title more than the name that was conferred upon a person by is masters signifying proficiency and trustworthiness, was born in a Brahmin family belonging to Kashmiri Pundit Kaul clan. It is an original name was not known to anyone. Raniero Gnoli, a Sanskrit scholar known for completing a translation on […]

Religious Role of Abhinavagupta in Kashmiri Shaivism

Abhinavagupta, a distinguished scholar, was born in a renowned family of scholars in Kashmir around 950 C.E. He was one of the significant Acharyas of the Shiva philosophy and injected new meaning to it. He was an effervescent personality and highly passionate about knowledge that he acquired from the best teachers of his time. His […]