A Letter to the God

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Most of us want to convey our feelings in the form of a letter, and we would want to send it to our near and dear ones. Sometimes, we may also feel to put our difficulties in the form of a letter, and to deliver it to the god himself. Some devotees would drop letters in the Tirupati Hundial, as an act of expressing their worries before the god. Some might feel that sending letters to the god is of no use, since the letter would be opened only by the humans and it would be surely torn off by them.

But actually, writing letters to the god is a good act, since by doing that, we could put our burdens on to the shoulders of the god. But instead of dropping the letters in the Hundial, we could keep it in our puja room permanently, by considering that god would open it on one day, would read it, and would fulfill our wishes. Ancient Hindu devotees used to write lot of divine poems, and would submit it before the deities in the temples, as a thanksgiving act. Ancient saints instead of writing letters to the god, would convey messages directly before the god, since they acts as the messengers of the god. Before few years ago, we would have read in some newspapers, that a student while writing exams, was unable to write anything in the answer paper,and hence, he had wrote a message in the form of a letter, stating that, “Please promote me this year, since I hail from a poor family”.

There are also frequent news about the delivery of love letters by the teenagers and the students of schools and colleges to their lovers, and while writing letters to their lovers, they used to seek the help of some elderly people, due to their poor communication. In Srimad Bhagavatham, it was mentioned, that in order to avoid marrying Shishupala, and to marry the Lord himself, Ma Rukmini had written a nice love letter to Krishna, and delivered it to a learned Brahmin, by instructing him to handover it to Lord Krishna.

Krishna also responded to that letter, visited her place, put her in his chariot, defeated the attackers, and married Ma Rukmini in a pleasant and in a pleasing manner.But nowadays, some girls easily fall as a prey to the young men by seeing their love letters, even without examining whether it was written by them or by anyone else! All these worst things happen due to the age factor.

Teenage is a very difficult age, and passing that age is like walking in the path of thorns. “LUST” mainly occupies the body of most of the youngsters, and due to that, they would forget about everything. In order to come out from that, Bhakti is the only thing which acts as a powerful medicine for the dreaded disease “LUST”. By frequently chanting the names of the gods like Krishna and Rama, they could easily come out from their age related problems.

At this Kali Yuga, it is believed, that Kalipurusha watches each and every person, and would make them to forcefully commit mistakes, by changing their minds. In order to get rid from the clutches of Kalipurusha, we can write Srirama Jayam in the note books, and we can submit it to the Temples of Rama or in the temples of Krishna or Vishnu. Srirama Jayam is the best form of letter delivery to the god, and by writing this divine letter in praise of Rama, we could gain a lot in our life and also in our subsequent births.


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