15 Wonderful Stories from Srimad Bhagavatham

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

8. Ajamila is a character mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. Ajamila was a Brahmin scholar and was well versed in Hindu Scriptures. He was blessed with a noble wife and children.Due to his past birth karma, once he saw a woman belonged to lower caste and got attracted with her. He brought her to his home and given more importance to her than to his wife and children. After some time, he left his family, and lived in a separate house along with her. In course of time, through their union they had children.

Due to his love and attraction on her, he forgets his daily Vedic rituals and puja and done service only to her. After spending several years with her, one day, he felt that he is going to die, and due to the fear in his mind, he called his son by uttering his name, whose name is Narayana. Since knowingly or unknowingly, he has committed a good karma, the divine attendants of Lord Vishnu, took him to the abode of Lord Vishnu, The Vaikunda.

From this story, it can be known, that god is showing great kindness on us, and whoever calls his name throughout their life and mainly during the time of their death bed, he would relieve us from our sins and gives us SALVATION.

9. Lord Indra, the god of Devas, had once killed Demon Vritasura, out of his powerful weapon Vajrayudha, and hence, thereafter, he was called as Vritasura Samhara Moorthy. Once there lived a demon whose name was Vrita, and he contains great powers, and through his powers, he began to harass the Devas, and also challenged Indra to fight with him. As per the advice given by Lord Vishnu, Indra approached the great sage Dadichi, and asked him to donate his backbones in order to make the powerful weapon Vajrayudha, for destroying the demon Vritasura. Sage Dadichi had willfully agreed to donate his backbones, and he began to perform meditation in order to separate his soul from the body, and after he was dead, Indra collected the backbones of Sage Dadichi, and gave it to Lord Viswakarma, who was the divine architect, and asked him to make a powerful weapon from those bones. Viswakarma has exhibited his entire skills and created a shining and powerful weapon Vajrayudha out of the backbones of Sage Dadichi. With his new weapon, Lord Indra easily defeated Vritasura and also killed him.

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