Gupt Navratri – Gupta Navratras

Gupt Navratri or Gupta Navratras observed as Magha Navratri and Ashada Navaratri. In 2015, Gupt Navratri dates are -July 17 to July 25 in Ashad month.

Ashwin or Maha Durga Navratri(October) and Chaitra or Vasant Navratri (March – April) are known as Pratyaksh Navratri whereas the other two Navratri festivals are called as Gupt Navratras.

Magh Navratri is observed during Shukla Paksha in Magh month (January – February) and Ashada Navratri is celebrated in Shukla Paksh of Ashad month (June – July). Ashada Navaratri is also called as Shakambari Navratri or Gayatri Navratri.

Literally, the word ‘Gupta means ‘the hidden. These Navratri festivals are not much popular when compared to other two famous Navaratri. Some people believe that the Kings of Gupta dynasty have started observing Chaitra and Ashad Navratri.

During Ashad Navratri, Shakambari Utsavam or Shakambari Navratri are held. Shakambari Navratri is celebrated with lot of gusto in Banashankari temple. Gayatri Devi Navratri are also observed in some places during this Navratri.

Another Navratri festival known as ‘Poushya Navaratri is observed in Shukla paskha during Paush month (December – January).

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