Kullu Dussehra 2020 | Dussehra celebrations in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Dussehra

Kullu Dussehra

Dussehra celebrations in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous Dussehra celebrations in India. In 2020, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 25 and ends on October 31.

This festival is one of the biggest traditional and cultural celebrations of India. Kullu Dushara is a festival celebrated with a difference, as when Dussehra ends in other parts of India at that time the festival of Kullu Dussehra begins. This festival starts on Vijaya Dashami and continues for seven days.

Lankadahan is the main event during Kullu Dussehra. This event is performed with more than 250 assembled deities on the bank of Beas River on the final day of celebrations. This is a breath taking and eye catching event and attracts a large number of tourists.

The Rath Yatra is another colourful event during Kullu Dussehra. The Ratha (chariot) of Lord Raghunath, the presiding Deity, along with other deities palanquins reaches the historic Dhalpur Maidan. Several thousands of devotees and tourists from United States of America, Britain, France, Canada and Germany pull the Rath of Lord Raghunath.

Apart from religious attractions, shawls and other handicrafts of Kullu valley enhance the beauty and grandeur of Kullu Dussehra celebrations.

Kullu Dussehra in Previous Years

In 2019, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 8 and ends on October 14.

In 2018, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 19 and ends on October 25.

In 2017, Kullu Dussehra begins on September 30 and ends on October 7.

In 2016, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 11 and ends on October 17.

In 2015, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 22 and ends on October 28.

In 2014, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 3, ends on October 9.

In 2013, Kullu Dussehra begins on October 13, ends on October 19.

Kullu Dussehra 2012 was from October 24 to October 30.

In 2011, Kullu Dussehra was from October 6 to October 12.

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