Suhasini Puja | Suvasini Pooja during Sharad Navaratri

Suvasini Pooja

Suvasini Pooja

Suhasini puja, also referred as Suvasini Pooja, is a ritual observed during Sharad Navaratri. There is no specific day or date to perform the puja but in some days on Kalasha Sthapana and Durgashtami day, Suhasini Puja is observed.

In 2022, Suhasini Puja date is October 3|4. In some places, Suhasini Puja is also performed on Mahanavami day.

Though, the puja is a common ritual on every Purnima, but during Navaratri days it is auspicious. The pooja involves worshipping a married woman, Sumangali, considering her as a manifestation of Goddess Durga.

In some regions, Suvasini pooja is a compulsory ritual during Sharad Navratri. As Kumari Pooja, Suhasini Puja is also performed. A married woman is offered meals, fruits, clothes along with dakshina or santarpana and worshipped as the Goddess for the day.

Image courtesy – Datta Peetham.

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  1. pallavi says:

    I would like to know the exact procedure to perform the suvasini pooja iam not able to know how to perform and where it has to be done pls give me detail procedure